Class Descriptions:

We offer several pricing options to pay for a class, giving you discounts for packages and memberships while allowing for single class purchases as well for those who take it one day at a time.

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Pole 1

Are you looking for an alternative way to stay fit? Come try pole fitness and discover a complete body workout that will improve your mood as well as your physique. Learn the basic techniques in a fun and friendly environment!

Pole 2

Refine the basics of Pole Fitness and learn new tricks and transitions as you build strength!

Pole 3–7

Continue to explore pole dance as the tricks get more challenging each week. Move up the levels at your own pace with a minimum of 4 weeks per level.

Pole Flow 1 & 2

This class will teach you to combine 2 or more tricks from levels 1 & 2 together and transition smoothly between moves! Get a great workout while learning to turn individual tricks into a piece of your next routine.
Prerequisite: Pole Levels 1 and 2

Open Pole Practice

Practice time open to all levels of pole dance students. Only current and previously established Pink Ambition students are eligible as there is no instructor, a staff member is present for safety and will spot as able.

Built & Beautiful

Join us for instructor led exercises using the pole, stability balls and resistance bands to tone and condition your muscles. Sculpt your body in an encouraging and fun environment while improving your overall health with regular exercise!

Intro to Exotic

Explore the art of exotic dance and striptease from the beginning. This class will teach you to move with fluidity and boost your self-confidence as you become more comfortable and have fun in our positive women only environment!

Sexy Flexy

A relaxing series of stretches inspired by yoga, sports, and dance to help your flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture. This class is perfect for anyone looking to release tension and improve flexibility. A great class for any fitness level.

Mat Pilates

Come in to strengthen your core and small accessory muscle groups! We will focus on alignment and muscle balance to help you unlock your inner pole potential and leave you feeling long and strong.

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