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Pink Ambition Dance & Fitness is a women owned and operated fitness and dance facility that offers a safe, fun place for everyday women (18 and up) to get a full-body workout. Our approach to fitness is to make exercise so unique and fun it will inspire you to get fit and feel fabulous. Our variety of classes and workshops will spice up your usual fitness routine and will leave you feeling strong, sexy, and self-confident!

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31-C East Market St. Harrisonburg, VA 22801

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Staff Bios

Karen McIntyre, Owner

Karen started dancing in 2007, when she walked into a pole studio and fell in love. Certified as a pole instructor in 2009, she began her teaching career at Inner Goddess Studios and quickly became their senior pole instructor. When IGS closed its doors in 2014, Karen’s desire to share her passion with the world led her to open Pink Ambition in January 2015; she hopes others will have a chance to fall in love with pole as well. She participates in her first competition in April of 2016 and looks forward to coaching interested students in competing as well - let’s show the world what we can do! When she’s not at the studio (which is pretty much never), she spends time with her husband Jake and their two dogs and two cats.

Maria Moore

Maria started pole in 2012 to mix things up with her long-distance running and traditional strength training routines. Pole classes quickly turned into the workouts she most looked forward to each week. She found a sense of empowerment and self-confidence in the studio and has had the opportunity to gain an amazing new circle of friends. Maria enjoys defying gravity and self-imposed limits. She looks forward to encouraging her students to do the same! She is currently pursuing her Basi Pilates teacher certification and feels like Pilates and pole are a natural complement to each other. You will often see Maria in any class Pink Ambition has to offer; maintaining a strong base helps the crazy tricks feel that much stronger.

Sara Hodges

Sara began pole dancing in 2008 - she came for the fitness and stayed for the fun. What had originally been simply an exploration into a new form of fitness swiftly included good friends, boosted confidence and a great new outlet for her near-boundless energy (plus her arms look amazing!). Outside of the studio, Sara pursues martial arts, stuntwork and theatrical fight choreography (think sword fights, driving like an idiot and jumping off of tall things), is a part-time gym rat, and spends what little spare time she has outdoors; she is also the studio's resident fantasy/scifi geek. Sara is thrilled to be part of Pink Ambition's original staff!

Tori Groene

Tori took her first pole class in 2015, looking for a way to feel active and strong (but while having fun trying something new). At that point, traditional fitness environments felt intimidating, but Pink Ambition became an immediate safe place and helped her to shape her identity as an athlete and an artist. Like any art-form, everyone's style and experience is unique and personal, and she loves helping others explore and embrace their own. Outside of pole, Tori's interests include video games, literature, writing, computers, and her cats.